We are a clean community encouraging a simple living + easy roaming lifestyle.

Simple Living

Simple living is building the foundations with conscious and continuous behavior shift toward a simpler but richer lifestyle.   

It is all about simple small changes: decluttering one space at a time, packing 5 pounds lighter on the next trip, replacing 3 odd colored sweaters with one high-quality all-timer, saying no to evening work socials, breathing deeper…  

Simple is a relative term and means different things to everyone.  There is no ultimate goal or predefined categories.  There is no right or wrong.  Do it for yourself.  We will periodically bring our thoughts and ideas onto this platform.  Use this platform to get inspiration, exchange your experience and ideas, and to meet like-minded people.  Let’s inspire each other!  

Easy Roaming

Easy roaming is our passion to empower and enable our fellow roamers with authentic information, simple travel hacks and practical travel tools.  

We understand epic trips can be intimidating and difficult to plan and implement.  Not only we love to travel, we also love the planning part of it.  We see it as a FUN challenge.  The harder the better.  We will do our best to make it easier for you.      

We see the internet getting filled with content around every popular destination.  While some blogger sites do produce original high-quality content, a lot of sites’ main objective unfortunately is to bring traffic to their sites so they can sell readers something totally unrelated or untested.  We value your time so we only provide you with the most authentic, original and informative content that you are looking for and can apply to your trip.

We focus our core content for the busy professional you, who want to visit the best destinations and maximize your experience there within a short vacation window.  Wandering is not a luxury for everyone.  Travel nomad lifestyle is not to be found on this website.         

A Clean Community

It is our passionate to create and commitment to maintain this clean community for like-minded you.  When we say clean, we mean clean. 

  • NO haunting ads following you around on our site
  • NO referrals of irrelevant products or services
  • NO recommendations of products or services we have not used and loved
  • ONLY authentic and informative content based on our own experience

If you love what we do and share what we believe in, join us.  Your involvement and support make us who we are!  

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